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Welcome to the Jon J. Steimel Foster and Adoptive Parent and Family Training Website.


We seek to provide high quality services in the areas of: foster parent training and adoptive family training and clinical services (with an emphasis on children and adolescents, foster children and adoptive children and teens, and children and adolescents who have suffered multiple losses).


We offer training in the areas of: separation and loss (especially as it relates to foster children and adoptive children that have suffered multiple losses), attachment and bonding, understanding the angry child (he/she is probably mad and not bad), discipline, taking care of the caregiver and parenting styles.  All foster family and adoptive family training integrates the idea of “knowing yourself better”.  We believe that the more one knows about themselves (and incorporates this knowledge into action), the more effective a person can become in their role as a foster parent or adoptive parent.  We would like to develop other training seminars according to your training needs.


We also offer supervision and consultation to therapists that would like to grow toward the Michigan Licensed Master's Social Work License and/or the Michigan Marriage and Family Therapist License.


We are committed to helping each person learn more about themselves and grow in the ways that each participant would like to develop.  We strive to give foster families and adoptive families the tools they need to help the children they love.


From my start as a foster family and adoptive family trainer in 1981 with Montcalm Community College, I have helped many foster families and adoptive families learn how to better understand and help the children in their families.  Since 1981, I have trained for the Michigan Foster and Adoptive Parent Association and given presentations locally, nationally and internationally.  I have trained and learned in Sweden and in the Republic of Estonia (formerly occupied by the Soviet Union).  As well as working with foster families and adoptive families, I consulted about the foster family and adoptive family system in Estonia and trained direct care staff in orphanages.  My travels to Estonia have been wonderfully rewarding to me.  I dedicate this web page to my experiences and colleagues in Estonia.  I would also like to thank Malle Kobin for allowing me the use of some of her photographs.  Suur tänu.


If you are interested in a more in-depth analysis of your communication style and personality traits, you might find this online assessment interesting.

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