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Which of these five geometric shapes do you think most accurately reflects your personality?


According to Dr. Susan Dellinger, your choice indicates a distinct personality type. Every person has a "preferred SHAPE". Once you know your SHAPE,

You will understand why................

CIRCLES have so many friends,
TRIANGLES always get the best "deals,"
SQUARES will not tolerate sloppy work,
SQUIGGLES are so embarrassing,
and RECTANGLES can't remember anything.


In  Psycho-Geometrics, Dr. Dellinger explains not only how to determine your own personality type, she reveals how to use geometric psychology to identify the beliefs, values, and attitudes of any person you meet.

PSYCHO-GEOMETRICS gives you insights and techniques which allow you to CHANGE YOUR COMMUNICATION STYLE to "instantly" relate well to others. It is IDEAL for improving communication with those "Difficult People" in your life!

  • Bosses
  • Co-Workers
  • Customers
  • Children
  • Spouses


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The Psycho-Geometrics Program

The "Communicating Beyond Our Differences" program is a 3-hour

fast-paced, interactive workshop in which participants learn to:


• Describe the Psycho-Geometrics shapes

• Identify their own shape

• Understand why they respond to people differently

• Improve the way they communicate with all people

• Deal with difficult people more effectively

• Apply the Psycho-Geometrics method to enhance communication



All examples and scenarios in the program are business-based. The program helps corporate clients implement Psycho-Geometrics within their organizations while providing them with useful job aids. A Trainer’s Kit provides trainers with everything required to conduct the Communicating Beyond Our Differences program, including:


     ⎭ Leader’s Guide & Book The Psycho-Geo Game™ (250 cards)

     ⎭ Participant Workbook 20 “Quick Indicators” laminated card

     ⎭ 20 Slides (PPT) Flexing Scenario Cards

     ⎭ Video Scenarios (DVD) 50 Shape stickers & pipe cleaners

     ⎭ 20 Personal Assessment™ for Adults



For more information on the Psycho-Geometrics Program or for information on obtaining the Trainer's Kit, please email me at  If you wish to take the online Psycho-Geometric assessment, please follow this link.


You can also visit Dr. Susan Dellinger, Ph.D.'s webpage at




Psycho-Geometrics Training Kit




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